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    Our Mission:
    Planetary Partnership
    and Peace


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    Help build the
    MOTHER of all Movements!


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    For our daughters, our sons,
    and future generations


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    If you lead a Women's Group
    Join the Women's Congress


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Founding Mothers of the New World, UNITE!

Let's finish the job of the Founding Fathers

We are a women-led movement determined to transition humanity from Patriarchy to Partnership.
We pledge to shift the paradigm by empowering Women, protecting Children, and ending War.
And we're building a global coalition that is powerful enough to demand revolutionary change.

We have a Strategic Plan!

And a Peace Room as sophisticated as a War Room

Our sacred mission is to build a world that works for ALL. Our Strategic Plan calls for a decentralized, international coalition of partners who understand that the natural trajectory of life on Earth has been compromised by men addicted to greed and power.

Our progressive think-tank is mapping and tracking the growing network of authoritarians who are doubling-down on Patriarchy and Theocracy. For example, Project 2025 is a dystopian plan endorsed by over 100 Alt-Right think tanks. To counteract this assault on women, democracy, religious freedom and our precious planet, the Founding Mothers also are preparing for 2025 ...

FMM Launch Start Slide

WELCOME to the launch of the Founding Mothers Movement! In this video, you will learn more about our vision and mission.

A key part of our plan is the reimagined global Women’s Congress, focused on achieving Gender Equity and universal Women's Rights, including reproductive freedom.

We’re also demanding an end to War – NOW!

The Women’s Congress will pass and publish our list of demands in the Founding Mothers Manifesto.

If nations refuse to meet our demands for Partnership and Peace, we will start a series of escalating Campaigns on New Years Day 2025.

Help build the MOTHER of all Movements! 

We the People possess the power to Transform the World

The Founding Mothers are synergizing global nonprofits and world citizens who are ready to collaborate, coordinate, and commit to a structured, strategic plan. During 2024, we will continue building our Partner database and synching physical HUBs around the world. By January 2025, we will amass the strength for targeted nonviolent resistance and disruptive campaigns. It's now or never, people.

If you LEAD a NON-PROFIT organization:
become a FMM PARTNER today

If you're a PERSON wanting to assist:
become a FMM Volunteer today

If you're a PHILANTHROPIST who gets the urgency:
become a FMM GOLDEN ANGEL today

If you're able to DONATE at ANY level:
become a FMM DONOR today