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Women are the heart and soul of the Resistance!

The Founding Mothers Manifesto will be published on October 2, 2024 – International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhi’s birthday. NOTE: This date is just ONE month before the U.S. presidential election.

The Manifesto will set forth our two crystal-clear demands: universal rights for Women and an end to War. We will not rest until EVERY nation cedes to Partnership and Peace. 

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In January 2025 – to counter the Alt-Right Project 2025– the Founding Mothers Movement will spring into action.

Above, we outline our proposed nonviolent Campaigns, which will grow in intensity and eventually escalate to noncooperation and civil disobedience. Our Strategic Plan also includes using the courts, just as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King did.

Novel Nonviolence 

Let’s march from the Peace Pentagon to the War Pentagon!

Gandhi March

If the Manifesto is ignored a year after its publication, we up the ante. On October 2, 2025, we will march from the Peace Pentagon in Independence, VA to the War Pentagon in Arlington, VA.

It took Gandhi 24 days to complete the Salt March. To walk from the Peace Pentagon to the War Pentagon will take approximately 25 days.

Let’s march to Trump Winery outside Charlottesville, VA. WHAT FUN! Let’s pay respect to the Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, James Madison at Montpelier, and George Washington at Mount Vernon.

Then on to the War Pentagon! Our March will end at the Capital Mall for a culminating rally. By this point, the Nation's Capital will be at a standstill.

Idealism does not lead to Change

Protests do not produce Policy

Virginia Seal and Motto


Our goal is to shift the paradigm, which means selecting the most benevolent trajectory for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. The corrupt timeline we’ve been co-creating needs to fade. Like the Virginia motto, we must reject tyranny.

There has NEVER been a global movement of the magnitude the Founding Mothers are crafting. The coalition we are amassing is unprecedented. As a result, there is no existing playbook for us to follow. We must execute our Strategic Plan based on 21st Century progressive values.

The Women’s Congress – working alongside national and regional Peace Rooms – is the answer. The Founding Mothers Movement will require seasoned activists, strategists, academics, and willing partners to accomplish our ambitious goals of transitioning humanity from Patriarchy to Partnership, and from Militarism to a global Culture of Peace.

We need decentralized Discipline

And centralized Command & Control

“Leaderless” movements don’t work because everyone – especially the media – is left wondering WHO has authority to speak and negotiate. “Leaderful” movements don’t work either, because they’re chaotic and permit the opponent to divide, conquer, and then fill the power vacuum. Successful movements require both vertical AND horizontal structure. They also require regional/national HUBs. In the United States, the Peace Pentagon in Virginia will serve as a Founding Mothers HUB – a situs for on-going strategic planning.

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"Several clear lessons emerge from comparing [failed] contemporary movements to their historical antecedents:

  • First, movements that engage in careful planning, organization, training, and coalition-building prior to mass mobilization are more likely to draw a large and diverse following than movements that take to the streets before hashing out a political program and strategy.
  • Second, movements that grow in size and diversity are more likely to succeed – particularly if they are able to maintain momentum.
  • Third, movements that do not rely solely on digital organizing techniques are more likely to build a sustainable following.
  • And Finally, movements that come up with strategies for maintaining unity and discipline under pressure may fare better than movements that leave these matters to chance.”

~ Erica Chenoweth, The Future of Nonviolent Resistance (2020)