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Founding Mothers AND Fathers of the New World UNITE!

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Everyone is Welcome!

To build the MOTHER of all Movements, we need an Army of Amazons! We also need dedicated MEN. 

This registration portal is for WORLD CITIZENS - people who know we are ONE human family with ONE shared destiny. You also can register here if you're a member of one of our Partner groups (see below to register a Partner organization).

By joining, you will receive: (i) the Founding Mothers Newsletter; (ii) advance notice of our Campaigns; and (iii) instructions and training on how to participate. 

When you sign up, you will be asked if you wish to Volunteer your skill set. For instance, we need a kick-ass Social Media team to ensure our content and campaigns go VIRAL!

THANK YOU for helping spread Planetary Partnership & Peace!

Progressive nonprofits and benefit corporations of the New World UNITE! 

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Progressives are WAY behind in coalition building, so we need to move fast! We are NOT talking about swapping logos on websites. We're talking about building the FIRST global movement with the power to shift the paradigm ONCE and for ALL. 

This registration portal is for PARTNERS of the Founding Mothers Movement - groups that grok the need for strategic planning. Once established, our coalition will implement a series of escalating Campaigns to accomplish our twin goals of empowering Women and ending War. 

The Partner portal will guide you through account setup and provide you with a Partner ID and password. After a security check: (i) your group will be added to the Founding Mothers Database; (ii) you will have access to our network; and (iii) you will be able to post regional campaigns that mirror global campaigns approved by the Women's Congress (see below). 

Partner TypeCost*Access to Decentralized
Partner Network
Access to Shared
Partner Database
Ability to Post
Regional Campaigns
Women's + Children's GroupsFREE
Peace + Democracy OrganizationsFREE
Spiritual + Religious CommunitiesFREE
Environmental + Indigenous GroupsFREE

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Time to Shift the Paradigm!

How to Join the Women’s Congress

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To qualify as a Delegate to the Women’s Congress, you must be a FEMALE leader of a Founding Mothers Partner organization:

  • Women’s Rights groups
  • Child Protection organizations
  • Peace and Democracy organizations
  • Spiritual and Religious communities
  • Environmental groups
  • Indigenous Peoples representatives
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If you are a FEMALE leader of a Founding Mothers Partner with 25 or more members, you qualify for the Women's Congress. To register as a DELEGATE: CLICK HERE