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Strategic Overview

Trajectory of the Movement

After a century of research, the data shows that nonviolent movements are more effective than war. In fact, nonviolence and noncooperation outperform violence by a 2-to-1 margin.

Moreover, the average duration of a nonviolent movement aimed at changing social policy is 3 years, while the average length of armed conflict is 9 years.

We therefore want to plan the Founding Mothers Movement using at least a 2-year horizon for reaching our twin goals: universal rights for all Women and an end to War.

Our strategic plan will be refined by the Women's Congress in coordination with our Partners. We will build the Founding Mothers coalition during 2024 and commence Campaigns in 2025.

Proposed Campaign Calendar

Using a two-year Horizon

Int. Women's Day
Fri 3/8/2024
Founding Mother's Commission
Founding Mothers begin to build coalition of Women’s Rights groups to further strategize the movement
Mother's Day
Fri 5/1/2024
Soft Launch
Founding Mothers Movement
Founding Mothers start work on new website
5/30/2024 - 6/2/2024Attend
WILPF-US Women's Congress
Founding Mothers attend WILPF-US Women’s Congress
Determine if WILPF-US wants to merge with FM Women’s Congress
Mon 6/24/2024Direct Action
Women's Strike
Founding Mothers strike on 2-year anniversary of Dobbs decision reversing Roe vs. Wade
Fri 7/5/2024Official Launch
Founding Mothers Movement
Founding Mothers launch website, videos, and media plan
Sat 7/20/2024Convene
Women's Congress #1
Inaugurate Founding Mothers Congress. Establish structure of Congress, nominate Peace Room, and qualify Partner groups
Sat 8/3/2024Women's Congress #2Establish Operational Circles
Appoint committee to draft Founding Mothers Manifesto
Sat 9/7/2024Women's Congress #3Continue building FM Coalition
Intl. Day of Nonviolence
Wed 10/2/2024
Founding Mothers Manifesto
Manifesto will include our demands for Partnership & Peace, plus a WARNING that if demands are not met, we Strike on Int. Women’s Day
Sat 10/5/2024Women's Congress #4Appoint committee to promote & track Manifesto progress
Sat 11/2/2024Women's Congress #5Continue building FM Coalition
Sat 12/7/2024Women's Congress #6Prepare for start of 2025 campaigns
New Year's Day
Wed 1/1/2025
Direct Action
New Paradigm Protests (one per week)
If Manifesto is not honored, we bang pots for 10 minutes one day a week!
Sat 1/4/2025Women's Congress #7Appoint committee to draft Kellogg Briand Pact lawsuit
Sat 2/1/2025Women's Congress #8Appoint committee to draft Religious Freedom lawsuit for abortion rights
Sat 3/1/2025Women's Congress #9Prepare for Women's Strike
Int. Women's Day
Sat 3/8/2025
Direct Action
Global Women's Day Strike (1 day)
If Manifesto is not honored, we bang pots for 1 day
Sat 4/5/2025Women's Congress #10Continue building FM Coalition & brainstorm more action events
Sat 5/3/2025Women's Congress #11Prepare for Red Tent Strike
Mother's Day
Sun 5/11/2025
WILPF-INT Women's Congress
Founding Mothers attend WILPF-INT Women’s Congress
Determine if WILPF-INT wants to merge with FM Women’s Congress
Full Moon
Wed 5/12/2025
Direct Action
Global Red Tent Strike (7 days)
If Manifesto is not honored, we Strike for 7 days in major cities, bringing the world to a full stop
Sat 6/7/2025Women's Congress #12Continue building FM Coalition
Sat 7/5/2025Women's Congress #13Plan more action events
Sat 8/2/2025Women's Congress #14Continue building FM Coalition
Sat 9/6/2025Women's Congress #15Prepare for global Marches in October
Intl. Day of Nonviolence
Thur 10/2/2025
Direct Action
Founding Mothers March (25 days)
If Manifesto is not honored, we March from the Peace Pentagon in Independence, Virginia to the War Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia
Sat 10/4/2025Women's Congress #16Plan more action events
Sat 11/1/2025Women's Congress #17Continue building FM Coalition
Sat 12/6/2025Women's Congress #18Plan more action events
Sun 12/7/2025Attend
WCPA Congress in India
16th World Parliament hosted by World Constitution & Parliament Assoc. 
at Auroville in Pondicherry, India
Sat 1/3/2026Women's Congress #19Assess state of movement & Manifesto
Sat 2/7/2026Women's Congress #20Continue building FM Coalition
Sat 3/7/2026Women's Congress #21Prepare for Lawsuits
Intl. Women's Day
Sun 3/8/2026
Human Chain Demonstration (1 day)
File Lawsuits
Hold ceremony and create human chain at the Peace Palace in the Hague; Next day file Kellogg Briand Pact lawsuit & Abortion Rights lawsuit
Sat 4/4/2026Women's Congress #22Prepare for Year 3 of the Founding Mothers Movement
Sat 5/2/2026Women's Congress #23Make plans for heightened disobedience phase
Mother's Day
Sun 5/10/2026