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Women's Congress

Roberta's Rules of Order

The Women’s Congress governance structure was co-created by the Peace Pentagon and the Founding Mothers Commission – the group of evolutionary leaders and global activists who birthed the Founding Mothers Movement.

The Women’s Congress will refine the governance system during our inaugural Congress. Indeed, our first order of business will be to adopt a parliamentary system and define the domain of the central Peace Room.

Matriocracy in Motion

Our architectural blueprint

FMM 2030 Start Slide

In this video, we explain the governance structure in more detail.

Our modified Consent model was designed to be fluid and flexible. We cleverly combined elements of Sociocracy, Holacracy, Indigenous wisdom, and Feminine circle principles.

The design also incorporates Integral Theory for horizontal AND vertical holism. The Women’s Congress will include THOUSANDS of female Delegates, so the governance system must contain feedback loops, while maintaining quick command and control functionality.

In short, we’re about to play 5-dimensional chess with the BIG BOYS, so the Women’s Congress needs to be both inclusiveness and nimble.

Want a Deeper Dive?

Read our White Paper on the Women’s Congress

Liberty Women

We seek LIBERTY and JUSTICE that is long overdue. We seek rights that are inherent, inalienable, and self-evident. Since the dawn of civilization, only a few societies have experienced the harmony and joy of Partnership and Peace. And in ALL those instances, the key ingredient was WOMEN.

If you want to LEARN MORE about the design of the Women’s Congress: CLICK HERE. If you represent one of our Partners and would like to REGISTER as a DELEGATE for the Women’s Congress: CLICK HERE.

It’s time to get our planet in balance, apportion power, and wisely share responsibility for the future trajectory of the human race. By joining the Women’s Congress, YOU are telling the world:

I demand planetary Partnership and Peace!